Isuzu Trucks in Australia

Isuzu Trucks in Australia

Isuzu trucks were introduced into Australia in 1972 by General Motors Holden who were the Bedford distributor in Australia. Isuzu’s were marketed in Australia as Bedford up until 1980.   

The first models sold in Australia were the KA41, KS21, SBR450, SLR520,TLG52 and VPZ440.

From 1980 the Bedford name was dropped and Isuzu trucks  ere solely marketed under the Isuzu name.

In February 1989, Isuzu-General Motors Ltd was formed.. This was a joint venture between  Isuzu Motors Ltd of Japan (60%) and General Motors Corporation of the US (40%).

This company was set up to market Isuzu  light commercials as Holdens and market trucks under the Isuzu brand name in Australia.

In 2001, the light commercial business was transferred back to Holden, leaving the Isuzu truck business with Isuzu General Motors Ltd.

In November 2005 Isuzu Motors Ltd (Japan) purchased all of General Motors’ equity in Isuzu General Motors Ltd and the Company was renamed Isuzu Australia Limited .